‘World’s Most Dangerous Bird’ Kills 75-Year-Old Owner In Florida

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A cassowary, an emu-like creature often described as the “world’s most dangerous bird,” attacked and killed its 75-year-old owner on a farm in Florida, authorities said on Saturday.

The bird’s owner, identified as Marvin Hajos, is believed to have fallen down on his property near the city of Alachua on Friday morning when the cassowary — a large, flightless bird with “dagger-like” claws — fatally attacked him, The Gainesville Sun reported.

“Initial information indicates that this was a tragic accident for Mr. Hajos,” a spokesman for the Alachua County sheriff’s office told the paper.

Hajos may have been breeding cassowaries. “He was doing what he loved” when he died, a woman who identified herself as Hajos’ fiancée told the newspaper.

The bird “remains secured on private property at this time,” officials told the Sun.