Woman stabbed and killed after rolling down her car window to give another woman money

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BALTIMORE, Md. – A woman in Baltimore died after police said she rolled down a car window to give someone money and was stabbed in the chest.

The Baltimore Sun reported that it happened as 52-year-old Jacquelyn Smith and her family were driving through a neighborhood at about 12:30 a.m. Saturday.

The family said they saw a woman who appeared to be carrying a baby and holding a cardboard sign asking for help.

Smith was sitting in the passenger seat and rolled down her window to hand the woman some money.

A man then approached the car and tried to steal Smith’s wallet, according to police. At some point, police said the man pulled out a knife and stabbed Smith in the chest.

Smith died after being taken to a hospital. Police said the man and the woman carrying the sign left the scene.