Woman Beats Sheriff With Her Own Baton After Refusing To Wear A Mask Inside A Gas Station

Police searching for woman who assaulted St. Louis deputy after being told to wear mask

Police on Monday said they’re searching for a woman who they say hit a St. Louis city sheriff’s deputy with the deputy’s own baton after being told she couldn’t enter a convenience store without wearing a mask.

The deputy, a 59-year-old woman, was working security at the Shell station at 721 North Tucker Boulevard when the unidentified woman walked in on Christmas Day a few minutes before midnight without wearing a mask. St. Louis has mandated that businesses require patrons to wear masks to minimize the spread of COVID-19.

When the deputy told the woman she needed to wear a mask to enter, the woman become belligerent and pushed the sheriff as she walked outside and then punched her. The suspect took the deputy’s baton and hit her in the head, causing a concussion.

The woman left the gas station in a red car. She was described as a Black woman, a little over 6 foot tall, 190 to 200 pounds, wearing a black mid-length coat, a dark shirt, black pants, and long straight black hair that might be a wig. Continue Reading

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