Vegas Strip Club Shuts Down Audition After More Than 1,000 Women Signed Up And Organizers Worried That An ‘Astroworld Situation’ Could Occur

More than 1,000 women signed up to audition for Vegas strip club Club Ice

Dancer auditions for a soon-to-open Las Vegas strip club were cut short by the fire marshal after too many people showed up to watch the tryouts, with one host reminding a crowd pushed against the stage of this month’s Astroworld stampede.

Tryouts for Club Ice were held last Wednesday at Blume Lounge in Henderson, Nevada – just outside of Vegas.

The event proved to be a little too popular, with TMZ reporting that 1,000 women signed up and the Fire Marshal had to shut it down to avoid any potential injuries.

At one point, a host is heard saying: ‘This motherf***** too packed, y’all gotta back up. Y’all seen that s*** happen with Travis Scott the other night, y’all better pack up,’ referring to the deadly stampede at the Houston festival that killed 10 people. Continue Reading