Judge Uses His Position of Power to get Off Quickly after Being Pulled Over

A Lancaster County PA, Judge Dennis E. Reinaker is pulled over for tailgating and honking at an East Lampter Township officer in an unmarked police car. Dash Cam footage shows the judge using his position of power to get away with out any citation or warning.

After getting pulled over the Judge Reinaker quickly gets out of his car and is seen on the dash cam telling the officer “What do you think you’re doing pulling me over? For blowing my horn?”
Officer then responding “Sir, go back into your car. I’ll be with you in a second.”

Reinaker then telling the officer “You better check the registration on this place soon, mister.”

Judge Reinaker using his position of power to get away without any warning or citation.

Officer then checks the registration with the dispatch and few seconds later can be seen walking over to Judge Reinaker’s vehicle and telling him “Have a good day, Judge.”

Reinaker responses “You bet” and takes off.