Florida Man Caught on Camera Urinating in Restaurant’s Kitchen Sink

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As some of you may have already heard, our family business was abruptly closed and shut down against our will this evening by the property owner/landlord, Vincent Keenan. We owe it to our staff and all our loyal customers and patrons of the last 6 years to explain exactly what happened.

Before today, The Hogan Family received no informal or formal notice of eviction. After 6 years of paying our rent on time and trying to create a unique Irish Pub for our patrons and Cape Canaveral community, Paudie Hogan was threatened with being trespassed in his own pub and our bartenders forced to leave without explanation.

We have taken enormous pride in all that we have created at Hogan’s over the past six years and it saddens us deeply for it to end this way. We are so very grateful for the laughter, stories and good times that we have shared with our customers and will treasure many fond memories in the pub.

We have always as a family tried our best to treat our staff, patrons and the wider community with respect and dignity. To do business in an honest manner and treat people as you yourself would like to be treated.

The manner in which we were treated today is nothing short of disgusting and nobody should be allowed to do business in this manner.

The following video footage is from tonight. It shows one of the men who seized our pub urinating in the wash sink behind the bar where we used to clean the glasses. This is the only security camera within the pub they did not disconnect upon forcing us from the pub.

Other clips show these men pulling liquor bottles from the bar and drinking. (See comments)

The picture shows Vincent Keenan standing in the parking lot with his German Sheppard. (See comments for photos)

When we as a community tolerate and engage in business with people who treat and regard people this way, honest and hard working people lose their livelihood and their jobs.

The staff of Hogan’s Irish Bar suddenly are without a job and income as sudden as we are watching the pub we worked so hard to grow and nurture be defiled and disgraced.

We thank all of our patrons and customers once again for all you have done for us over the years.