CREEPY AF: Woman Ties the Knot with her Zombie Doll in Bizarre Marriage (Video)

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Felicity Kadlec – Facebook

Felicity Kadlec Vows to Spend the Rest of Her Life with Zombie Doll

“I got her name tattooed on my arm,” says the head-over-heels Felicity Kadlec of Massachusetts, Oklahoma, to her bride, Kelly Rossi—the hideous, monstrous, and disfigured zombie doll she got when she was 13 years old.

At 16, she started to have feelings for her, which she tried to repress simply because she knew it was wrong. But her feelings only intensified the more she tried to fight it off. According to Felicity, she’s had boyfriends, but they never made her feel happy the way Kelly did. She said she’d gladly spend the rest of her life with the female doll, even though her family and friends find it strange.

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In September 2018, believe it or not, Kelly and Felicity did tie the knot. The big day was held in Tiverton, Rhode Island. Like any marriage, the duo showed up in wedding attires; Felicity wore a beautiful white gown, while Kelly donned a tuxedo. They even had a pair of matrimonial rings, an officiant to solemnize their union, and a crowd of, well, eight creepy zombie dolls. Four of Felicity’s relatives were also there. The wedding cost $500, but Felicity said it was a small price to pay for a “beautiful and perfect” wedding.

Felicity Kadlec’s acquaintances were never fond of the zombie doll, more so their eerie relationship, but she’s pretty much used to the criticisms.

“I know they think I should be with a real human, but to me Kelly is real,” she said. “Regardless of what they think about our relationship, she makes me happy and I love her, so that’s all that matters.