Charges Dropped Against Florida Man Arrested For “I Eat Ass” Sticker On His Truck (Video)

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Charges dropped against Florida man arrested for ‘obscene’ sticker

Dashcam video of Florida man being arrested for “I Eat Ass” sticker on his truck

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Yesterday, Florida officials tossed charges against a Florida man who claimed his rights were violated when he was arrested last week for sporting an “I EAT ASS” sticker on the back of his truck. Now, newly released dash cam footage shows the sheriff’s deputy that pulled him over struggling to justify the arrest. 

Last Sunday, May 5, 23-year-old Dillon Shane Webb was pulled over on Highway 90 in Lake City after an officer with the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office spotted his “I EAT ASS” sticker on the back of his Chevrolet truck. According to the Lake City Reporter, the deputy claimed the sticker violated Florida Statute 847.011, which is a misdemeanor that deals with possession and distribution of obscene material. 

But recently released dashcam footage shows the arresting officer struggling to find an adequate reason to arrest Webb, other than he hates “the derogatory sticker.” 

In a May 9 letter to the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office, Assistant State Attorney John Foster Durrett stated that all charges against 23-year-old Dillon Shane Webb have been dropped, and that his “I Eat Ass” sticker is in fact protected by the First Amendment. 

“Having evaluated the evidence through the prism of Supreme Court precedent it is determined the Defendant has a valid defense to be raised under the First Amendment of our United States Constitution. Given such, a jury would not convict under these facts,” said Durrett in the letter.