41 year-old Teacher arrested after allegedly ‘grooming’ 16 y/o student : ‘Would you be my teenage bride?’

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A North East High teacher arrested by Broward Sheriff for trying to solicit a romantic relationship with an underage student, 41 year old John Teti behind bars.

A teacher was “grooming” a 16-year-old student for a sexual relationship, calling her gorgeous, sending her sexually charged text messages and asking her to be his teenage bride, the Broward Sheriff’s Office said.

John Teti, 41, who worked at Northeast High School in Oakland Park, was arrested Thursday on the charge of soliciting a romantic, lewd and sexual relationship with the girl.

Teti, who was hired last year, no longer works for the school district. On the day of his arrest, the district’s Special Investigate Unit “delivered a letter of termination to this individual, who had been reassigned away from the school since early January 2019,” said Nadine Drew, a district spokeswoman.

Grooming is a “common practice among pedophiles” who start relationships with children with “actions of favoritism to build trust,” the Sheriff’s Office said. Continue reading