33 Year-old Man Injects 18 ‘Doses’ of Semen Into Arm to Cure Back Pain, Ends Up in Hospital

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A bizarre “at-home” remedy for back pain has landed a 33-year-old unidentified patient in the Irish Medical Journal after doctors discovered that he was injecting his own semen into his forearm.

According to the case report, the man had presented with severe lower back pain and said that he had lifted a heavy object recently. During an examination, they had noticed that his right arm was red and there was a lump.

Man was injecting self with semen in attempt to relieve back pain,

“The patient disclosed that he had intravenously injected his own semen as an innovative method to treat back pain,” the report’s author, Dr. L. Dunne, of Adelaide and Meath Hospital, wrote. “He had devised this ‘cure’ independent of any medical device. Upon further interrogation of this alternative therapy, he revealed he had injected one monthly ‘dose’ of semen for 18 consecutive months using a hypodermic needle which he had purchased online.”

An X-ray revealed subcutaneous emphysema, which occurs when gas or air is trapped below the skin. It was discovered that the patient had failed multiple times to inject the bodily fluid, which resulted in “extravasation of semen into the soft tissues.” Continue Reading