Skier falls into a crevasse

Les Powtos, a ski group, has recently made public a harrowing video of a skier tumbling into a crevasse. The footage, which was recorded using a helmet camera, shows a highly skilled skier slipping into the fissure and rapidly descending several feet while frantically trying to decelerate by using his skis and hands to grip onto the walls of the crevasse. Fortunately, he manages to eventually halt his descent and secure his skis into the edges of the gaping crevice.

Les Powtos posted a follow-up video showcasing the gripping rescue operation. The skier utilized the pick axes and crampons that he had packed to scale his way out of the crevasse, while his companions lowered a rope to assist him, as evidenced in the Facebook footage. Les Powtos reported that the man was successfully rescued from the perilous situation.