In a disturbing incident, a man was arrested for brandishing a gun in public and flaunting his money for the camera. The man was seen waving the firearm in the air while being recorded.

Eyewitnesses reported that man was dressed in designer clothing and carrying cash, which he was seen flashing for the camera. The incident took place in a busy commercial area, causing panic among passersby who quickly called the police.

Officers arrived on the scene quickly. The police confiscated the gun and took the suspect into custody, it’s unclear what he was charged with.

In a statement, the police department warned against such reckless behavior, which puts innocent bystanders in danger and can lead to serious consequences. “We want to remind people that waving a gun in public is not only illegal but also dangerous. This kind of behavior puts the safety of others at risk and can lead to tragic consequences,” the statement read.

The incident serves as a reminder of the dangers of flaunting money and carrying firearms in public. Such reckless behavior can not only lead to legal consequences but also endanger the safety of others. The police urge everyone to act responsibly and refrain from such actions.