In a shocking incident, a paramedic was caught on security camera stealing money from a 94-year-old woman just minutes after she collapsed and died. The incident took place in a residential complex in the downtown area of a city.

According to sources, the woman collapsed due to a sudden heart attack, and the paramedics were called to the spot immediately. While the medical team was trying to revive her, one of the paramedics noticed a bundle of cash in the woman’s purse.

As soon as the paramedics declared the woman dead, the accused paramedic allegedly stole the money from her purse, which was captured on the security camera installed in the building. The footage shows the paramedic taking out the cash from the purse and putting it in his pocket.

The family of the deceased woman filed a complaint with the police, and the accused paramedic was immediately arrested. The police have registered a case of theft and initiated an investigation into the matter. The accused has been suspended from his job and will be facing disciplinary action from the medical department.

The incident has sparked outrage among the public, who have condemned the accused for his shameful act of stealing from a deceased woman. The incident also highlights the need for stricter background checks and supervision of paramedics and medical professionals who handle sensitive cases like these.