Dramatic Footage Captures Terrifying Moment Drivers Lose Control

Both Drivers Escape with Minor Injuries, but Cars Are Completely Destroyed

Two Ferrari supercars crashed into an Italian villa’s exterior wall after a high-speed race in Osimo, Italy on Saturday. The dramatic collision was caught on camera and left both vehicles in ruins, with the drivers suffering only minor scrapes and bruises. According to reports, the drivers, aged 50 and 54, are from Belgium and were vacationing near Ancona. They lost control of their vehicles when they hit a curb at high speed, using it as a makeshift ramp. One of the drivers was taken to the hospital for tests but was later released. Security footage from the villa shows one of the Ferraris crashing into a fence, followed by the other bursting into flames upon impact. Firefighters were called to put out the fire, which caused extensive damage to one of the cars. The incident has been criticized for endangering the lives of residents in the upscale neighborhood.