NY woman claims parole officers stole $6,000 from her closet 

NY Parole Officers Steal $6000 During Search Of A Parolee’s House, Woman claims

Shannon Carpenter and her boyfriend John Grandberry were getting ready for the day on Nov. 16 when there was a knock on the door of their Greece home shortly after 8 a.m.

Outside were six officers from the state Division of Parole who announced they were there to search the house. Grandberry was on parole after serving prison time for a criminal possession of a weapon conviction. Officers from the Greece Police Department would arrive later to assist.

Four officers entered, and when they made their way to the bedroom, Carpenter switched on a phone-activated web camera, aimed at the bed and closet.

The video captured officers scouring the room, combing the closet, drawers, and under the bed. They found a handful of items they questioned and, Carpenter said, eventually confiscated — a large kitchen knife, a bag of cannabis and a scale, a gun, and $6,000 in cash that was kept in a pair of pink Timberland boots.

Following the discovery of the items, around 9:30 a.m., one of the parole officers, identified by Carpenter as Doris Hernandez, appears to type a message on her phone and hand the phone to her colleague, an unidentified male officer. He glances at it, hands it back to her, and they whisper inaudibly.

The male officer then peeps out the door before turning back to Hernandez.

“We can share the money…,” he said.

“You’re right,” Hernandez replied, pointing a finger gun at the other officer.

“As long as there’s enough money to go around,” he said. Continue Reading