Famous TikTok user @brendenlmao visits police precinct in hopes of joining Officer Hall on patrol

Disappointment as Supervisor informs him that Officer Hall no longer works with the department


Going to Meghan hall’s station

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Recently, a famous TikTok user named Brenden, also known as @brendenlmao, decided to take his love for a viral police officer named Meghan Hall to the next level by visiting a local police precinct in hopes of going on a ride-along with her. Upon arriving at the precinct, Brenden was met with disappointment as they were informed that Officer Hall no longer worked with the department.

Feeling determined, Brenden asked to speak with a supervisor, hoping to gain some insight into what had happened to Officer Hall. However, the supervisor simply reiterated that Officer Hall was no longer employed by the department and that there were no ride-alongs available at the moment.