In a recent viral podcast clip, two women discussed their views on relationships and what it takes for a woman to be loyal to her partner. One of the guests made a bold statement that has sparked a lot of debate: “Being a good man isn’t enough for me to be loyal in a relationship.”

The other guest, who seemed to disagree with this statement, replied, “When I say good man, I mean he’s good in every aspect – himself, spiritually, mentally, physically. He’s a good man overall.”

The first guest quickly responded, “That’s great, but that doesn’t mean he’s ‘the man’ for you. There’s more to loyalty and compatibility than just being a good person.”

The second guest retorted, “That’s why more modern women are turning with four f***ing cats and no f***ing man.” This statement caused a stir among listeners and added more fuel to the ongoing debate about loyalty and relationships.