‘I’m Not Joking’: 82-Year-Old Woman Locked Up for Failing to Pay $77 Trash Bill

Cop Laughs as Elderly Woman Is Arrested Over $77 Trash Bill

New body-cam footage has emerged of an 82-year-old Alabama woman being arrested last month for not paying a $77 trash bill. The arrest drew outrage earlier this month, prompting police to say they had no choice but to carry out the arrest warrant and that the woman, Martha Louis Menefield, “was treated respectfully” by officers. In the new video, an officer can be heard laughing when Menefield seems taken aback to see police at her door and asks to see the arrest warrant. “I’m so serious, it’s a warrant,” the officer says. “I’m not joking.” “So you’re going to handcuff me to take me to jail?” Menefield asks, adding: “You’re arresting an 82-year-old woman.” The officer then apologizes as she is handcuffed, saying,“I’m so sorry, but the law’s the law, Ms. Menefield.” Local authorities said repeated attempts had been made to contact Menefield about the overdue bill, but when she failed to appear for a court appearance, a warrant was issued. She said her daughter was the one who handled the bills and she had not been aware.