Bomb squad called to hospital after man with WWII-era mortar stuck in his rectum

An 88-year-old Frenchman caused a panic after arriving at a hospital with a World War One artillery shell lodged in his rectum.

Hospital Sainte Musse, in Toulon, southern France, was evacuated after the unnamed pensioner turned up on Saturday evening hoping that someone would free the explosive from his anus.

Doctors understandably were worried that the shell could explode inside the man, who is understood to have inserted the item in his backside for sexual pleasure.

Fortunately bomb squad disposal experts arrived shortly after and determined that there was little risk that the shell would blow up, and managed to put surgeons at ease, French news outlet Var-Matin reports.

Doctors made an incision and surgically removed the First World War collector’s item, which measured at 8 inches long (20cm) and more than 2 inches wide (5cm). Continue reading: Source