NYC’s ‘bling’ Bishop Lamor Whitehead hit with federal charges for fraud schemes

The flashy Brooklyn pastor who made headlines in July when he was robbed at gunpoint of $1 million in jewelry during a church service—was arrested Monday on federal charges of wire fraud and extortion.

Bishop Lamor Whitehead — the flashy Brooklyn pastor who made headlines earlier this year when he was robbed at gunpoint during a live church service — was arrested by federal agents Monday for allegedly defrauding a member of his congregation, among other charges.

Whitehead — who preaches a “prosperity gospel” at his Canarsie church, drives a Rolls-Royce and often wears pricey jewelry and Gucci suits — was indicted on two counts of wire fraud, one count of extortion, and one count of making material false statements, federal prosecutors said.

If convicted, he faces a maximum of 65 years in prison.

The feds allege Whitehead scammed one of his parishioners out of $90,000 of her retirement savings by promising to use the cash to buy her a home — and instead blowing it on luxury goods and clothing, according to the indictment. Continue reading