A woman accused of stealing a Las Vegas hotel guest’s watch and concealing it inside her genitals Sunday was in Las Vegas for a Monday court hearing for a similar theft, the 8 News Now Investigators have learned.

Sarah Richards, 33, faces charges of grand larceny and administering a drug to aid in the commission of a felony, police said.

A man called 911 from the Aria hotel on Sunday morning to report a woman, later identified as Richards, had taken items from his room, including a $12,000 watch, police said.

The man told officers he met Richards and invited her to his room, police said. The pair started to cuddle, when Richards reportedly told the man he should take off his Rolex watch or it would cut her while they cuddled.

“[The victim] ended up taking off the watch and placing it under his pillow,” police said. “He drank more wine since Richards kept insisting it.”

The man later noticed the watch was missing. Richards “went into a panic” and left. The man followed her down the hall, down the elevator and into the lobby where he alerted security, they said.

Police initially could not find the watch on Richards’ person, but later located it in her genitals, officers said. Via: 8Newsnow

Repeat Offender

In June, according to police records, Richards was arrested for stealing a $100K Patek Philippe watch from a victim police say she drugged at an unnamed Las Vegas Strip Hotel.

The victim in that case said Richards approached him at a bar in the hotel and the two agreed to go to his hotel room, where Richards then said she needed “help with money.” The alleged victim said he asked hotel security to help him open his room safe, from which he retrieved $1,000 and gave it to Richards, according to police. Later, the victim claims, he woke up with his watch missing from his wrist.

Richards was later arrested on prostitution-related charges, the arrest report said. Source: Casino.org