Two thieves made off with an estimated $35,000 in Apple products as they robbed the store in front of shocked holiday crowds.

A pair of masked bandits are still at large after brazenly robbing a California Apple store in broad daylight on Black Friday, and video of the incident has gone viral showing staff watching on and warning customers against intervening as the thieves made away with tens of thousands of dollars in loot.

The footage taken from inside Apple’s flagship Palo Alto location shows the two suspects ripping iPhones from display tables and stuffing them into backpacks as dozens of shoppers looked on.

Employees can be heard telling customers, “You gotta back up, man,” and “Let ’em go,” deterring anyone from confronting the thieves. One onlooker can be heard asking, “Yo, should we stop ’em?”

According to Palo Alto Online, police are still searching for the perpetrators, who made away with $35,000 in merchandise. Read more: