An Austin attorney who was caught on camera allegedly pulling out a gun and trying to shoot his ex-girlfriend while she was at work has been found dead, officials say.

The Austin Police Department said just before 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 30, it received a check welfare call in the 13500 block of Lyndhurst Street.

Officers responded and found a dead man, later identified as Gavin Rush. APD says the death is not considered suspicious, and the investigation is still ongoing.

Police say Rush’s ex-girlfriend, a bartender, had been trying to leave their three-year relationship, which ended about a month and a half before the shooting.

He wanted to get back together, and when she refused, police say he sent several texts threatening to harm her and her new partner.

Police say when the woman stopped answering Rush’s texts, finally telling him that she was at work, he appeared at the North Austin pub on Nov. 26. Read more at fox7austin