Video captures BASE jumper slam into Utah cliff, dangle above ground 

Dramatic Rescue Of Base Jumper After Crashing Into Utah Cliff

A family hiking in Utah witnessed a frightening scene when a BASE jumper leapt from the edge of a cliff, then slammed into a canyon wall hundreds of feet below — and was left dangling after his parachute got caught on the rocks.

Mitch Edwards and his 12-year-old son Baron captured the stomach-churning drama on their cellphones as it unfolded amidst the 700-ft. red rock canyons while they were hiking near Moab, Utah.

“He just slammed into that thing hard, and then started to fall straight down,” Edwards told a reporter with KSL TV, describing the scene that played out near Kane Creek Canyon on Nov. 26.

“And he was probably 200-300 feet above the ground when he first hit the cliff … My guess is that he fell close to 100 feet before hitting a ledge, and then that chute snagged on the ledge — miraculously — because on those cliffs, there’s really nothing to snag on,” Edwards continued. “And there happened to be a little outcropping there.” Source