Lawyer tries to shoot ex-girlfriend but is tackled by bar patrons, Texas video shows

Austin attorney caught on camera trying to kill his ex-girlfriend, police say

Police say an Austin attorney was caught on camera pulling out a gun and trying to shoot his ex-girlfriend while she was at work on Saturday, Nov. 26.

“It’s an attempt to regain control when a victim is trying to leave,” said Nikhita Ved, vice president of community services at The SAFE Alliance.

Police say Gavin Rush’s ex-girlfriend, a bartender, had been trying to do just that – leave.

Their three-year relationship ended about a month and a half before the shooting.

He wanted to get back together, and when she refused, police say he sent several texts threatening to harm her and her new partner.

“Domestic violence, sometimes it’s hard to spot when it’s starting because it starts off as not physical behaviors. And looking out for really controlling behaviors is the first red flag,” said Ved. Read more