Dr. Eric Andrew Salata who was recently arrested for allegedly raping two patients while they were unconscious under sedatives was found dead in a ditch near his residence. Cops have emphasized that the death of 54 year old Doc has not been ruled a suicide yet because an autopsy hasn’t been completed, but a spokesperson told The Daily Beast his death “does not appear to be suspicious” because a pistol was found next to his right leg, according to report. His body was found while police was conducting a welfare check after his ankle monitor had not moved in several hours.

Dr. Eric Salata

“Police said two former patients accused him of sedating and raping them during a cosmetic procedure while they were blacked out from a mixture of tequila, laughing gas, and sedatives,” The Beast’s report stated. “The patients, who were not named by authorities, allegedly told police they regained consciousness while Salata performed sex acts on them without their consent.” source