A fight broke out between rappers Lil Kelpy and Almighty Suspect on popular podcast No Jumper

Full Almighty Suspect & Lil Kelpy interview

During the interview Almighty Suspect kept calling Lil Kelpy a clown and an imposter, Kelpy in response was throwing insults at Suspect bragging about he pulled up to NoJumpper with two ‘Bi**hes* and Almighty Suspect didn’t and he’s never seen him with any ‘B***hes’, at this point during the interview Adam22 jumps back in and confirms that he in fact has seen girls following Almighty Suspect, To which Lil Kelpy response “I ain’t seen it, I ain’t seen it, I ain’t never seen no b***hes”.

Almighty Suspect quickly asked him “Who are you?” and Lil kelpy relies ‘I’m Lil Kelpy the pimp…you ain;t gotta know who I am….F****ng Ben Franklin knows who tf I am ….B****h’. Almighty Suspect asks who are you calling a b***h? Lil Kelpy instantly replies ‘You B***h‘!. Almighty Suspect quickly gets up, spits on Lil Kelpy and starts throwing punches at him, the fight is immediately broken off & the interview ends, in final clips of the interview Almighty Suspect is heard saying ‘I didn’t have to this … this n***a called me a b***h’ and Lil Kelpy is seen sitting down bleeding from his forehead and continued on calling Almighty Suspect ‘b***h’