More than 1,000 women signed up to audition for Vegas strip club Club Ice

Dancer auditions for a soon-to-open Las Vegas strip club were cut short by the fire marshal after too many people showed up to watch the tryouts, with one host reminding a crowd pushed against the stage of this month’s Astroworld stampede.

Tryouts for Club Ice were held last Wednesday at Blume Lounge in Henderson, Nevada – just outside of Vegas.

The event proved to be a little too popular, with TMZ reporting that 1,000 women signed up and the Fire Marshal had to shut it down to avoid any potential injuries.

At one point, a host is heard saying: ‘This motherf***** too packed, y’all gotta back up. Y’all seen that s*** happen with Travis Scott the other night, y’all better pack up,’ referring to the deadly stampede at the Houston festival that killed 10 people. Continue Reading