A 22-YEAR-OLD has revealed how she has spent $100,000 on plastic surgery – including four separate operations to boost her booty. Saturn Rose, of Vancouver, Canada, first went under the knife when she was around 19 for a BBL – but things didn’t go as planned and she suffered some complications. Since then, she has undergone three more BBLs to correct the issues. Each one has cost around $20,000, including travel and accommodation expenses. In addition, she has had liposuction, body contouring, and regular fillers.

Although Saturn’s journey has not been easy, she says she would not take back having work done, as surgery has helped her feel more confident. However, not everybody is a fan of her look, and online, she has been the target of nasty comments from trolls. She said: “People are quick to assume things about me purely because I’ve had plastic surgery. Via Truly YT

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