“Love After Lockup” follows the relationships of couples who met while one of them was behind bars. The couples meet online, on social media, or through pen pal sites such as WriteAPrisoner.com, per People. All the couples on the show are engaged and plan to get married once the incarcerated partner is released, but the road to marriage is often more problematic than they hoped.

Season 3 features Daonte, who eagerly awaited the release of his fiancée Nicolle. In a long teaser for the show, Daonte described himself as “a hopeless romantic” who had a lousy dating track record. “My relationship history is kinda sad,” he said in a confessional. Even though he is a self-described “nice-looking guy” who lives on his own, Daonte has struggled to find a long-term partner. “I always envisioned that I would be married by the time I was 28, and here I am 33, and I’m still not married. But I’ll never give up on that dream,” he told the cameras.

Nicolle was not the first inmate that Daonte had dated. He fell hard for another woman who was behind bars, and sent her so much money and gifts that he was forced to move back in with his mother to save cash, per People. So while Nicolle isn’t Doante’s first go at inmate intimacy. Read more

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