‘Rapper Josylvio arrested, traveled with falsified PCR test’

Dutch rapper gets slapped for not cooperating at Curaçao airport

Rapper Josylvio was arrested at Curaçao airport yesterday for traveling with a falsified PCR test. That is what Curaçao media writes. Josylvio’s management confirms Show news that it is indeed about the rapper. But what exactly happened is not yet clear. They also do not know whether Josylvio is still in custody or has already been released.

A video of the possible arrest is circulating on social media. In the video, a man can be seen walking on while a cop tries to stop him. An altercation ensues and he receives a hard slap in the face, after which he is arrested. You hear the slap of the officer’s flat hand on the detainee’s face. To that end, the officer seems to say “calm, calm, calm down” Continue Reading at Source

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