Moment UberEats driver was killed by two teenage girls who steal his car and drive off with him clinging to the side – before crashing and running away – leaving his body lying on sidewalk

Mohammad Anwar died when he was flung from the car onto a sidewalk after two teen girls stun-gunned him and drove off with him still clinging to his car

As an Uber Eats driver lay dying on a Washington, DC, sidewalk, the two teen girls who allegedly stun-gunned and carjacked him easily climbed from the wreck — and even tried to run away, graphic new video shows.

The video also records some of the last words spoken by the driver, Mohammad Anwar, a father of three who immigrated from Pakistan — “This is my car!”

Anwar, 66, died when he was flung from the car onto a sidewalk after the girls, ages 15 and 13, stun-gunned him and drove off with him still clinging to the side of his Honda, authorities say.

A 1:27-minute cellphone video, newly posted to social media, begins with Anwar standing to the side of the parked car, apparently trying to get one of the teens out from behind the wheel while the other, clad in pink, can be seen in the passenger seat.

“They’re thieves!” Anwar can be heard shouting as he leans into the dark-colored Honda, struggling with the teen in the passenger seat. “This is my car!”

Seconds later, with the driver’s side car door open and Anwar half in and half out of the vehicle, the car speeds off. Continue Reading at Nypost

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