Texas man pulls gun on a guy asking him to return his shopping cart

A popular youtuber who goes by the name of “CartNarcs” had a gun pulled out on him after he told a man to return the shopping cart to where it belongs.

In the video it shows the ‘CartNarc’ approach a man and tell him that “You Know The Cart Does Not Go Here Sir” and the man replies “Are You Gonna Get It For Me” and “CartNarc” replies “No Sir I’m A Cart Narc, I Narc Out The People Who Don’t Get Their Carts” to which the man replies “Oh Thank You Let Them Know I didn’t Put It Back”, they exchange couple of more words and the man tells him hope you have a ‘Good Day’ and tries to drive off.

CartNarc quickly takes out a magnetic sticker and tries to put it on the mans Van and the man quickly replies don’t you put anything on my car ‘CartNarc’ replies “It’s Not Marking It’s Just A Sticker”, they go back and forth & exchange few words and the man in the vehicle quickly takes out a gun and cocks it, CartNarc quickly runs away from the man and his vehicle to safe distance and continues walking away from him and says ‘Don’t Shoot, My hand Are in The Air‘.

CartNarc continues recoding and giving out more details about similar incidents to where people threatening him and says this is the first time that someone actually brandished a weapon.

CartNarc did flag down a couple of police officers and have conversation regarding the incident, watch the full video for the details.

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