A woman who suffered a nervous breakdown has been locked in a cage for the last five years by her family, as documented in a tragic viral video released Friday by Newsflare.

Bebe, 29, was living with family and working in a local shop before she was diagnosed with psychotic depression in 2014 in the Philippines.

She began having hallucinations and was admitted to a psychiatric unit at a hospital in the Negros Occidental province.

Family friend Glyzel Bullos said the striking Bebe — who aspired to be a fashion model — gradually improved after a year of treatment. Doctors were reportedly optimistic about her condition.

However, when her father became sick in 2015, the family could no longer afford her medical bills. She was discharged from the facility and went home to be cared for by her family, Bullos told the outlet.

No longer able to afford medications, her depressive episodes and hallucinations returned full force. Continue Reading

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