A man ‘made it rain’ at Encore Las Vegas. A brawl broke out. Now Wynn Resorts is suing

This very “Vegas” debacle began with a man who “made it rain” cash inside the Encore Las Vegas resort.

But it ended with a violent brawl.

Wynn Resorts is now suing the 20 people involved in the Labor Day weekend fight that unfolded inside the company’s Las Vegas Strip property.

“By this action, Wynn seeks to honor its long-held commitment to protect the safety and security of its guests and employees,” the lawsuit filed Friday said. “Be assured, Wynn will not sit idly by when anyone engages in mayhem or flouts government-imposed safety measures in violation of Nevada law.”

The defendants in the lawsuit have not yet been identified. They were listed under fictitious names this way: “DOE individuals 1-20.” Continue Reading at Source

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