A Black man was detained while jogging for fitting a suspect description and later offered a job with the sheriff’s department

Sheriff offers job to man detained for fitting description of burglar

The man was invited to speak to the sheriff’s department for bias training

A Black jogger who was detained in Florida last month for matching the description of a burglary suspect has been offered a job in the county sheriff’s office for the way in which he handled the encounter with the deputies who detained him.

Joseph Griffin, who is a registered nurse and former military veteran, was out jogging in Deltona, Fla. when deputies stopped him for matching the description of the suspect they were looking for: a Black male, with a white tank top, dark shorts, and a beard.

“You’re not in any trouble or anything. There was a burglary that happened, you kind of fit the description. Let me just make sure you’re not him, OK,” the deputy can be heard telling Griffin on the 17-minute body camera footage.

“I’m gonna detain you, look, you’re not under arrest. I’m detaining you right now because you fit the description,” the deputy says.

Griffin had taken out his phone and had begun live-streaming the encounter on his Facebook page. “If something happens to me, y’all better raise hell,” Griffin says on the video. Continue Reading at Source: FoxNews

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