Florida deputy is put on leave after grabbing 17-year-old boy by the neck before pinning him against a wall, slapping him and throwing him to the ground

A Florida sheriff’s deputy is on administrative leave after he choked a Black teen and pinned him to the ground in a caught-on-video altercation that sent the 17-year-old juvenile to the hospital.

Surveillance video of the altercation released by the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office shows Deputy Neil Pizzo engaging in the use of force against Terrance Devon Reed III inside the Sarasota County Juvenile Assessment Center on Sept. 1.

Reed allegedly became uncooperative while being photographed and later refused to take his hands out of hi shirt, saying he was cold, according to incident reports obtained by the Daily News.

Deputy Pizzo also claimed Reed threatened him.

Sheriff Tom Knight said he was disturbed by Pizzo’s response considering deputies are trained to de-escalate such situations. Continue Reading at NYDailyNews

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