Doctors Pull 4ft Snake From A Woman’s Throat After It Slid In Her Mouth While She Slept

A woman has had a 1.2 metre-long snake pulled out of her mouth in a terrifying medical video released in Russia

In horrifying footage, a 4ft snake was surgically removed from a Russian woman’s mouth after the reptile had crawled into her.

The woman, reportedly from Levashi village in Dagestan, was sleeping when the large snake crawled inside her without her realising. When she woke up, she was feeling unwell and was rushed to the hospital.

Once the doctors realised that there was something inside her, she was put under general anesthesia and a tube had to be inserted down her throat. In a video that has gone viral, the doctors can be seen reaching inside to drag something out.

To their utter shock and horror, it was a large snake. It has not been mentioned if the snake was alive or dead when it was dragged out or how long it had been inside the patient.

The medical staff, their horror evident in their expressions, dumped the snake in a wastebin before returning to the patient who was unconscious all through. Continue Reading

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