That escalated very quickly

TikTok video shows a police officer arguing with a woman and apparently telling her to leave, the woman can be heard saying ‘I’m not going nowhere’ & ‘it doesn’t matter, you’re on our property, we didn’t call you’. Officer ends the argument by saying turn around “You’re Under Arrest” the woman refuses to co-operate and tries to walk away, office then quickly tries to grab her and make an arrest.

the woman resists the officer and says I’m not going nowhere, officer then takes out his taser gun and warns her that he will tase her if she did not co-operate. The woman refused his command again and the officer proceeds and hits her with the taser. Dazed woman fell in the bushes, the officer yells stay down or I will hit you again. He proceeds to put handcuffs on her while she’s still down on the ground.

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