A Miami Township police officer rescued a puppy locked in a hot car Sunday afternoon, according to a post on the department’s Facebook page.

An Ohio police officer smashed through a window to rescue an unresponsive puppy from the back of a hot car

The rescue was caught on body camera footage

The moment a young puppy’s life was saved by a police officer has been caught on camera.

On Wednesday, the Miami Township Police Department in Ohio released body camera footage of Officer Sherrie Howard rescuing a puppy who was trapped inside of a hot car for more than an hour on an 85-degree day.

The pooch was unresponsive on the floor of the car when Howard arrived on the scene, according to the police.

As seen in the video, Howard attempts to unlock the car with a wire through a crack in the window. However, when she’s unable to unlock the doors, Howard smashes open the driver’s side window with her baton. Read More

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