Woman Runs Over Her Husband, Spits & Hits Him With A Bumper For Allegedly Cheating In Virginia

Virginia Woman Runs Over Husband, Yells at Him While He Lies in a Pool of Blood

A woman has left her husband in a life-threatening condition after allegedly running him over with her vehicle in a domestic assault incident outside a shopping mall in Norfolk, Virginia, on Thursday.

A shocking Facebook Live video shot immediately after the woman allegedly run the man over with the car shows the man lying motionless on the ground in a pool of blood behind the red sedan. “He’s dead,” the woman filming the video can be heard saying.

“I’m sick of him,” the wife who appears to have been behind the wheel of the vehicle repeatedly shouts, “I hope you’re dead!”

“She hit him with the car,” a bystander can be heard saying. “He’s f*cking selfish, every day of your f*cking life,” the woman yells at her husband on the ground before picking up the car’s bumper lying nearby and hitting him with it. Continue Reading

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