Fight breaks out on Ibiza-bound KLM flight after passenger refuses to wear face mask

Passenger On A Flight Gets Punched & Taken Down After Refusing To Wear A Mask

A violent brawl broke out onboard a KLM flight from Amsterdam to Ibiza on Friday, July 31, after two passengers allegedly refused to wear masks.

The unruly passengers refused to wear masks and started bothering others after the flight took off from Amsterdam. Upon arrival in Ibiza, both of them were taken into custody. Reports stated other passengers helped the flight crew to restrain the passengers until the officials arrived.

In a statement, an airline spokesperson confirmed the incident saying, “Two unruly passengers refused to wear their face masks, and they were bothering their fellow passengers physically and verbally. The pilot informed the local authorities and upon arrival, both passengers were arrested. The flight safety was not compromised during the flight.”

Meanwhile, a video of the brawl has gone viral on social media. Continue Reading

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