Man doesn’t give up til he gets crash victim out of burning car

Video captures man heroically dragging driver out of burning car

Story via TMZ: THIS is some real-life superhero stuff — a good Samaritan pulling a driver to safety just as his flame-engulfed vehicle starts to explode … and it’s all on video.

The dramatic rescue went down in St. Louis, where the life-saving hero, Antonio Morgan, encountered the burning vehicle Tuesday on Interstate-70 and noticed the driver, Keilen Robinson, slumped over with his car on fire.

Antonio pulled over and sprung into action, telling his teenage son they had to save the driver.

With flames from the engine licking at his face, Antonio struggled to pull Keilen to safety before realizing he was still buckled in the driver’s seat. After one explosion, Antonio had to step back, but quickly returned to unhook the seat belt and drag Keilen away from the burning wreck. Read More

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