‘Karen’ Maces San Diego Couple at Dog Park for Not Wearing Masks

A woman maced a couple who were eating — obviously without a mask — at a San Diego dog park.

The video picks up in the middle of the action. It appears the woman in the mask went nuts on the couple for not covering their faces with masks. Thing is … they were eating lunch as they watched their 3-month-old pug play in the park.

According to the couple, the woman called them “idiots” and flipped them off. She came up to the table where they were having lunch, pointed the mace canister in the woman’s direction, and sprayed her. Her husband then got a heavy dose before wrestling the can away from her.

A bystander shot the video and got the woman’s license plate before she drove off. The couple says they’ll file a police report. Hopefully, she gets arrested and charged with assault. Continue Reading Story Via TMZ

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