Tyron Tennessee, professionally known as T10, is an American Rapper, best recognized for his hit song, Big Foot , Now At over +3 million Streams Worldwide. T10 is from New Orleans, Louisiana, home of some of the Most Recent Record-Breaking Musical Artist, in the world, such as NBA YoungboyLil WayneKevin Gates & Lil Boosie

New Orleans Rapper T10

Growing up, T10 showed a keen interest in music. Eventually, when T10 began to learn more about music, he developed his craft & started making rap music. Soon, he realized that music was his passion and decided to make a career in the field.

T10 was drawn to the rap scene at a Young age. He Began Pursuing Music seriously in 2020. He shares his story and his experiences through his music. He likes to be Secluded with no noise or other forms of Distractions, when he makes music. 

T10, has been consistent with his Hard-Edged Production & Powerful Delivery, Rapper T10 Opted for a more rigged naunced lyrical approach and R&B undercurrents that set him apart from his vast majority of his rap peers. Even when flowing over-stylized trap beats, his songs are intelligent and complex while still incorporating enough melodic elements to keep them hype & on edge. 

Coming into Stardom, T10 , New Orleans Rapper was quickly discovered by the higher ranks of the music industry after self-releasing just a few of his songs online. After quickly signing a deal with WBR on the strength of his 2020 single “Big Foot”, the young artist plotted out the next steps of his career, the first of which was working hard on a debut album.

T10 is Known for his “Animated Vocals & Distinctive Sound” & energetic rapping, which he notably employed on his breakout single, “Big Foot”. His sound has also been described as “Melodic” & “heavy-hitting”. Junior of Complex magazine stated, “he has a wild & rambunctious style, The Fans Love It “. 

T10 intends to show the world how one can create a positive impact in a negative situation. “Take your situation and make it better”. When asked “what inspired him to go into music?, “ T10 replied “Lifestyle”. My life is too much like a movie; People need to hear this Shit.”

T10 has been on Many Media Outlets, Such As WorldstarForbesBetJams & More. 

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Instagram: http://www.twitter.com/iamt10/

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/mtet10/

Check Out His Hit Single “Big Foot”