18 Officers Injured After Rally Turns Into Clash With Police Over Grant Park’s Columbus Statue

Protesters trying to topple a Christopher Columbus statue in downtown Chicago’s Grant Park clashed with police who responded violently with batons after they say officers were struck by fireworks and thrown cans

A group of protesters clashed with police officers at the Christopher Columbus statue in Chicago’s Grant Park Friday night. Some of them tried to tear down the statue and even turned on the officers, attacking at least 18 of them during the demonstration. 

Some officers were treated at the scene while others were hospitalized. Four protesters were also hurt in the confrontation with police.

Police say 14 people were arrested and could face charges including battery of a police officer and mob action.

The demonstration started at Buckingham Fountain as a protest to defund the police before moving south into Grant Park. The situation escalated very quickly as more people showed up. Chicago police officers provided security, but once the crowd got to Grant Park things took a violent turn. Source

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