Las Vegas man allegedly provoked homeless person into fatal backflip for $6

A Las Vegas man was arrested for “goading” a homeless person into performing a backflip for $6 – a cruel, live-streamed stunt that resulted in the victim’s death, police said.

Keonte Jones, 28, was arrested Tuesday for felony willful disregard of a person’s safety in the death of 55-year-old Larry Coner, Las Vegas police said in a statement.

Coner first approached Jones on June 20 while asking him for money, prompting him to offer the homeless man $6 if he could perform a “dangerous” backflip, police said.

Video posted to Facebook shows Jones holding $6 in front of a camera as he laughs and says that a man he’s filming is about to “hit a backflip” for money. Coner then appears to land on his head as he tried to pull off the maneuver in a parking lot, eliciting screams from onlookers, video shows. Read more

Homeless man baited into deadly backflip as man filmed & laughed

Watch as the homeless man is suffering from his injuries and by stander is trying to help him, Jones can be heard saying “Leave That N**** Alone, That N*** Gonna Get Up” then Jones walks over to the man lying on the ground and tells him “here…here’s your money” and “here, you got your $6 n*****”.

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