Entitled woman at cash register refuses to to show I.D. because she thinks her Platinum American Express card can be used as her identification. She tries to reason with the cashier that she’s putting her phone number in the keypad and that should be enough. Person filming the incident tells her that he’s at this store everyday and he still has to show I.D., the woman turns around and tells him “Who The Hell Are You?” to which he replies “I’m Not Karen”. The cashier holds back the merchandise and tells her that she needs to show I.D. for the purchase, she then hands her identification card to the cashier, the cashier scans the I.D. and hands her the items. She pays for the groceries and while walking away she flashes her Platinum Amex card to the person filming, and says it’s a “Platinum Amex”, she then says bye to the cashier and F**k off to the person filming as she exits the store.

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