14 Shot, 2 Dead at Atlanta Party

4th of July celebration turned into a war zone when gun men opened fire, hitting 14, killing 2

Fourteen people were shot, two of which died, during a 4th of July street party on Auburn Avenue, according to a report from the Atlanta Police Department.

Around 1 a.m. on July 5, APD officers responded to 210 Auburn Avenue  regarding multiple people being shot in that area, according to the report. The preliminary investigation indicates a large group of people were at that intersection engaged in a party and watching fireworks.

At some point, a vehicle struck a pedestrian, leading to an altercation between a number of people. The altercation escalated to multiple shots being fired by multiple people. At this time, it appears a total of 14 people were struck by gunfire.

All victims were taken to area hospitals by private vehicles, with 12 of the victims in stable condition and two 2 originally listed in critical condition, but have since died. Source

This was before the shooting on Edgewood & Auburn

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This was apparently the scenes last night right before the Mass Shooting in Atlanta at a block party, Someone getting hit with a car might have sparked the shooting