A Vancouver man was arrested shortly after showing off his money and flashing a gun in the streets

This Clearly looks like a desperate attempt to go viral on social media by either a failing career rapper or a small time runner, wanna be drug dealer.

Video shows a man in Vancouver walking out of a shopping mall with couple of bags, as he is walking out of the mall and being filmed, He takes a handgun out of his waist and flashes it to the camera.

He puts the gun back in his waist and takes out a small stack of cash. He notices a $5 bill in his small stack of $20’s and throws it away, then again he takes his gun out and flashes it one more time.

Shorty after this failed Social Media Flex stunt he was seen being arrested by Vancouver police. In the video you can also see another shirtless person handcuffed.

This incident took place on Monday morning in Vancouver, Canada

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